Congratulations to both Caltech and my friend Lorene Schaefer, founder of the Workplace Investigations Group – Caltech for the conduct of its investigation into a harassment allegation and its very open public memo about it, and Lorene for being cited and quoted profusely in an article by Sue Reisinger in Corporate Counsel for the observations of the investigation which she posted on her blog.

Hand, Keep, Magnifying Glass, Human

Corporate Counsel quotes Lorene: “Kudos to Caltech’s President and Provost…Instead of hiding behind the typical curtain of confidentiality that shrouds Title IX investigations, the President and Provost issued a memorandum to the entire Caltech community.”

It then discusses her take on the pros and cons of the openness of the investigation – which is very instructive if you are an HR person and/or employment lawyer who must undertake such an investigation.

Read her observations and her blog!