Five Tips If You’re Planning To Fire A Pregnant Employee, Especially One With A Disability

The EEOC has long declared in its Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) that issues “involving the intersection between the ADA and pregnancy-related limitations is one of six national priorities.”

And as we have frequently seen, going after a medical or health facility for violations of these laws is not only a priority but “low hanging fruit” for […]

Top Ten Tips – No Eleven – To Avoid Employment Discrimination Claims

List lovers — this one’s for you.  You like a quick and easy to read (or even memorize, or cut out) list – like the Ten Bill of Rights, or the Ten Commandments, or the Four Tops, or The Three Amigos, or the Doobie Brothers, or . …

Well, here’s a list of 11 tips to help […]

“Oh, For Crying Out Loud, What Century Is This?”

This story is not quite within the ambit of employment discrimination, but let’s just say that these are the guys who pass state anti-discrimination laws.

Kansas state Sen. Mitch Holmes (R), chairman of that state’s Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, “issued an 11-point code of conduct to guide women on how to dress. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported […]

Chronic Disease And Workplace Culture: An Australian Approach

I came across a good article in HC Hotline written by Victoria Bruce, which discusses chronic diseases, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease, which can greatly impact the workplace but which the workplace culture can ease and ameliorate.  This, from an Australian perspective.

As she notes, “The Australian Institute of Health and Wellness says chronic […]

Congrats To Caltech And Lorene Schaefer

Congratulations to both Caltech and my friend Lorene Schaefer, founder of the Workplace Investigations Group – Caltech for the conduct of its investigation into a harassment allegation and its very open public memo about it, and Lorene for being cited and quoted profusely in an article by Sue Reisinger in Corporate Counsel for the observations of […]

Can You Refuse To Hire A Woman Based Upon A “Conscience Exemption?”

An article in the St. Augustine Record written by David Bauerlein caught my attention.  He reported that a bill before the Jacksonville (Florida) City Council “would exempt any ‘religious corporation, association or society’ from being subject to the anti-discrimination law regarding employment of LGBT people.”

He also reported that the local Catholic Bishop wrote to the […]

Great Three-Minute Overview Of Religious Discrimination in Employment

As good a short, (very) concise summary of Title VII’s prohibition against religious discrimination in employment as can be found that is useful for employers is found in Brad Reid’s Huff Post Business “The Blog,” in a three-page piece titled “A Legal Overview of Religious Discrimination in Employment.”

This is a whirlwind, three-minute course on the […]

“How to Bridge That Stubborn Pay Gap” — An Excellent NYT Article

Claire Cain Miller has written what I think is a very significant article about gender pay disparity in today’s New York Times, entitled “How to Bridge That Stubborn Pay Gap.”

She writes that:

“More than a half-century after President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, the gender pay gap is still with us. Women earn 79 […]

“It’s Not Becoming Of A Woman” – Lawyer Sanctioned For Sexist Comment

A significant development within the legal profession is the subject of this post, and it is even, arguably, within the expansive remit of “employment discrimination.”

For those of us lucky (dumb?) enough to have practiced law to an old age, the sight and sound of a judge condescending to a female lawyer, commenting leeringly on her looks or dress, […]

Pinterest Appoints First Head Of Diversity

As I posted on December 30th, The New York Times reported that Twitter had replaced its vice president for diversity and inclusion in “the latest move by a big technology company to counter the perception that, despite its claims of an egalitarian culture, the industry’s collective track record in encouraging a diverse employee base is no […]