“I Thought That These Tech Companies Would Have Been More Inclusive, But They Are Way Behind””

The New York Times reported today that Twitter has replaced its vice president for diversity and inclusion.

The Times commented that the hiring of the new VP “is the latest move by a big technology company to counter the perception that, despite its claims of an egalitarian culture, the industry’s collective track record in encouraging a diverse employee base […]

Don’t Be Chained To “Fears, Biases or Stereotypes” Against People With Disabilities

The EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) has, as one of its six national priorities, the elimination of barriers in recruitment and hiring.  Lately, the EEOC has seemed to focus upon deafness as a barrier to hiring — or as a reason for termination.

We saw recently that “fears, biases or stereotypes” against people with disabilities is at the […]

NYC: New Guidance On Gender Identity Employment Discrimination And Harassment

Yesterday, the NYC Commission on Human Rights published a broad, new enforcement guidance related to gender identity discrimination and harassment in, among other things, employment.

This guidance is a must reading for employment attorneys and employers given the definitions and prohibited acts and conduct which may be new to many, and more comprehensive, and the imposition […]

NYT: Case Study Of Workplace Racial Discrimination In The Construction Trades

Interesting article in today’s New York Times about Local 28 of the Sheet Metal Workers Union which “stands as a case study of how workplace discrimination has persisted in corners of the construction trades, according to federal officials, even as unions have become increasingly diverse.”

Rachel Swarns’ article “New York Sheet Metal Workers Case Highlights Persistence […]

Southern Fried Henry’s Turkey? A Newly-Announced $5 Million Settlement On Behalf Of Vulnerable Workers

Recall the case of Henry’s Turkey – the company that exploited vulnerable intellectually challenged and disabled workers by, among many other things, paying them $65 a month to eviscerate turkeys?

Well, a case has just been settled by the EEOC for $5,000,000, which I have dubbed the “Southern Fried Henry’s Turkey Case.”

I wrote about “vulnerable workers” back […]

New Digital Platforms: Answer To Workplace Harassment?

Some interesting things have come out of the recent public meeting of the EEOC’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace (“STF”), where workplace experts testified.

I found three points most compelling, one of which was novel to me.

The EEOC was told that “new digital platforms may provide meaningful ways to communicate […]

EEOC’s New Accommodation For Those Who Are Deaf

My last post a few days ago dealt with deafness and reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

Coincidentally (and illustrating the fact that reasonable accommodations for those who are deaf do, in fact, exist), the EEOC just announced that it is “launching a new service that will enable individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing whose primary […]

Deafness And Reasonable Accommodation

A newly filed lawsuit gives me the opportunity to discuss — once again – the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), deafness as a disability, and the requirement of “reasonable accommodations.”

What Is “Reasonable Accommodations?”

The ADA provides that an employer has impermissibly discriminated against an employee claiming a disability where the employer has not made “reasonable accommodations […]

“Better Decisions Come From Diversity”

Who would ever have thought that the title quote of this blog came from the mouth of a private equity CEO!

In an article in today’s New York Times entitled “Pursuing Gender Equality as a Competitive Advantage,” written by Leslie Picker, she notes (quite correctly) that there has been a “sluggish grind toward gender equality in […]

Are Workplace Anti-Bullying Laws Desirable?

Workplace bullying is a problem — a big problem.  For both employees and employers.  But neither the US nor any state has done anything about it.

Back in July 2014, I did a post on my old blog about workplace bullying and whether there should be laws prohibiting it.  I said that “If you take out the racial, […]