More “Low Hanging Fruit” Plucked By The EEOC: “Perceived As” Disability

Another health care facility has been sued by the EEOC for alleged violations of the ADA – this time for violating the “perceived as” disabled provision.

A San Diego surgical center – the Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion – allegedly refused to hire an applicant with a minor ankle problem that the EEOC said would not have […]

“When to Tell a Prospective Employer That You’re Pregnant”

In today’s New York Times, Rob Walker (a/k/a “The Workologist”) entertained a question from “Anonymous,” who had been negotiating a new job and its relocation terms, and disclosed to the prospective employer that she was pregnant. She did not get the job.

She asked “Should I have withheld this information?”

Citing an EEOC official, The Workologist said […]