Faithful readers of my former ABA award-winning law firm blog may be forgiven if they have forgotten me — and my blog. It’s been almost seven months since I left my former law firm, Fox Rothschild, which then saw fit to erase my byline from the 1000+ articles which I posted (replacing me with the generic name of their firm, as if the posts were written by no one or by some committee  — but not by me!).

But fear not — my new firm, FisherBroyles, the country’s first and largest cloud-based law firm, is anxious to host the blog and see it grow!

We are therefore back, as I promised in January, with a host of new ideas and with a view towards providing readers with a forum to learn about and exchange comments about the trends in employment discrimination law and the numerous cutting edge issues which make the workplace a microcosm of society at large, and on the fault lines of a rapidly changing world.  We will discuss breaking court decisions and other news about sexual harassment, LBGT issues, workplace equal pay, disability law, employment issues and religious freedom, and anything an everything that impacts the workplace – and the world.

Richard B. Cohen