Yesterday I wrote a post – a book review, actually – about a new, updated version of Ellen P. Cobb’s Workplace Bullying,Violence, Harassment,Discrimination & Stress.   I recalled that in a blog post from a prior life I said about her first edition that “even after a cursory review it seems like an extremely valuable resource. The author has reviewed all of the topics listed in the title, and after defining her terms in a careful legal way, has compared the workplace laws of dozens of countries.”

However, I pushed the wrong button to publish it and it was, instead, deleted. My bad – I am a little rusty after 7 months.

(I wrote the comment above back on February 6, 2013, but my old firm erased my byline and substituted its firm name for mine – it air brushed me out of existence! So very Stalinesque, don’t you think? But I don’t mind – I now have a new pen name like Mark Twain or Lewis Carroll – “Fox Rothschild.”  So you can just call me by my new first name when you read my old posts – Fox!).


Anyway, back to Ellen. Her new edition is more than just valuable – it is indispensable for global employment professionals – lawyers and HR people. As her second edition did, she includes 2015 updates on new developments all over the world: the Australian workplace bullying law; new EU developments on stress and psychosocial risks at work; numerous Canadian national and provincial developments, and updated discussions on some of the most significant issues facing the global workplace such as bullying (there is no anti-bullying law in the US!) and sexual harassment.

What is the employment law relevance of a psychosocial risk, you ask?   Get her book!