Is “Shooting Fish In A Barrel” A Lost Sport?

I thought that a new case of a health care provider being caught discriminating on the basis of disability would be a good way to start this blog, since I spent so much time writing about this phenomenon in my old blog.  Recall the characterizations “low hanging fruit,” and “shooting fish in a barrel?”

I did one […]

There Oughta Be A Law (Take 2): An Indispensable New Resource

Yesterday I wrote a post – a book review, actually – about a new, updated version of Ellen P. Cobb’s Workplace Bullying,Violence, Harassment,Discrimination & Stress.   I recalled that in a blog post from a prior life I said about her first edition that “even after a cursory review it seems like an extremely valuable resource. The author […]

We’re Back! The Employment Discrimination Blog Is Back At A New Home!

Faithful readers of my former ABA award-winning law firm blog may be forgiven if they have forgotten me — and my blog. It’s been almost seven months since I left my former law firm, Fox Rothschild, which then saw fit to erase my byline from the 1000+ articles which I posted (replacing me with the […]