Dear Uber,…

A couple of days ago, the New York Times reported about Uber’s sexual harassment woes when one of its engineers, Susan Fowler, blogged (on her personal account) about her sub-par treatment at Uber after she [...]

Same Sex Workplace Harassment Violates Title VII

This latest EEOC lawsuit is a reminder that workplace sexual harassment can be same sex harassment - without having to involve the legal issue, still unsettled and controversial, of whether sexual orientation is covered by Title VII. [...]

To Sexually Harassing Lawmakers: “This Is Inappropriate And We Won’t Tolerate It”

Just when you thought that it was safe for politicians to come out and harass. … My post yesterday was about a Kentucky lawmaker who thinks that sexual harassment training is “ridiculous” and just “political [...]

Harassment Training Is “Political Correctness,” Says Angry Lawmaker

Workplace sexual harassment training and ethics are mandatory for Kentucky legislators - three hours a year, in fact.  This is the result of two lawsuits filed against Kentucky lawmakers for sexual harassment. But one State Senator is not having it, [...]

Smacks On The Butt And Sexist Jokes Or Innuendo: The Workplace Of A Server

News item from Canada: an academic study has found that “Female servers have to put up with a lot of sexual harassment on the job.”  The study “found low wages and a dependence on tips makes some [...]

Lawmaker To Pregnant Employees: “It’s Not Prison. You Can Quit”

It was just reported that “South Dakota state Rep. Wayne H. Steinhauer (R-Minnehaha) was among eight male lawmakers who blocked a state bill requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations during and after pregnancy.  During a Monday [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”