Combatting Workplace Sexual Harassment: From the Top Down

The EEOC has long gone to bat for vulnerable workers, as readers of this blog know.  Indeed, it is one of the EEOC’s priorities set out in its Strategic Enforcement Plan ("SEP"). I have written that in the [...]

Founder Of Anti-Abuse Charity Liable For Egregious Harassment Of Employee

 By Richard Cohen, FisherBroyles Partner September 26, 2016 — Sometimes a story is so unbelievable (and horrific) that you do a double take and re-read it to see if you read it right the first [...]

You Have Too Many Children: If You Get Pregnant You’re Fired!

Yes, this is exactly what a California wholesale distributer of orchids told female employees at staff meetings, according to a new EEOC lawsuit. And more. The employees were also told “not to get pregnant, that [...]

LGBT Corporate Policies—Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done to You (and increase profits while you’re at it)

 By:  Amy Epstein Gluck, FisherBroyles Partner September 21, 2016 — It turns out that not only is treating people equally regardless of their gender identity or sexual preference the right thing to do as a [...]

Chalk up one more basket of low hanging fruit for the EEOC

 By Richard Cohen, FisherBroyles Partner A physician-owned hospital in Arkansas was sued by the EEOC for refusing to accommodate a nurse who had a seizure.  She asked “to move to another position that did not involve [...]

Handling “Manterruption” and “Bro-priating”… In the Oval Office

By: Amy Epstein Gluck, Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP It seems there is no place immune from sex discrimination.  Even the Oval Office. In an initiative called Women In Power, the WaPo is exploring how women “gain, [...]