Nasty Women—Not in the Workplace, Please

By: Amy Epstein Gluck “These nasty women have got to go!” “Who put her in charge?” “Honey, don’t interrupt.” “What a bitch!” We really see it all in the workplace. But you know what nasty women [...]

The EEOC Just Updated The Strategic Enforcement Plan

I have talked often about the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) when discussing cases filed by the EEOC.  The SEP sets forth areas of particular enforcement interest to the EEOC. The EEOC just approved an updated Strategic Enforcement [...]

Can Someone Who Never Even Applied For A Job Sue For Age Discrimination?

That will be the novel issue before a Texas federal court in an interesting new case.       It appears that plaintiff, over 40, was seeking employment when he received an email from a employment agency looking [...]

“Oh Wow – You’re An Actual Physician” Flight Attendant Tells Black, Female Doctor Seeking To Aid Ailing Passenger

It has been reported that a doctor was prevented by a Delta airlines flight attendant from aiding a sick passenger who was screaming for help.  The attendant told her that “actual physicians” were needed. Why was she [...]

“Changing Workplace Norms Require a Fresh Look at the Issue of Sexual Orientation”

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck Well, well, well. It seems that miracles never cease. Also, I think my partner Rich possesses solid psychic abilities. The National Law Review reported that the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago, vacated [...]

Salvation Army Refuses To Hire Man With Intellectual Disability: EEOC

Say it ain't so!  Not the Salvation Army! Alas, it is so.  The EEOC has just sued a Salvation Army thrift store in Wasilla, Alaska (I think I can see it from my roof!), for allegedly refusing [...]