Ebola, Trypanophobia, And Deafness: What Does The ADA Require?

The questions raised by the Americans With Disabilities Act can't be answered with a simple yes or no. From my new article in Above The Law: “Are you required to hire someone with a disability [...]

Religious discrimination cases are raising thorny legal issues

"Skirts, hair follicles, the flu, dreadlocks and the Mark of the Beast — say what?  Do these things have anything in common — and in an employment-law article?  They all involve employee religious beliefs or [...]

Good for Google—Taking Corrective Action Against Sex Stereotyping

By Amy Epstein Gluck Reminiscent of Jerry Maguire’s mission statement (“The Things We Think and Do Not Say”) and subsequent firing, it has been widely reported today that Google fired an employee for his "manifesto," [...]

Biglaw: Do You Know What You’re Getting Into?

This snippet from my article in Above The Law is, indeed, about employment – of lawyers.  “Well, you passed the fraternity hazing that is law school, and the Bar exam – and if you are lucky [...]

The N-Word: How Many Uses Are “Severe” Enough To Create A Hostile Work Place?

In answer to the title question, I would have to say “not clear” - but likely more than one. Courts, thankfully, are virtually unanimous in condemning such things.  Unfortunately, they are not so unanimous in [...]

Of Hoodies And Hoverboards: Age Discrimination In Tech

Lisa Nagele-Piazza and Jon Steingart report in BNA.com that “’Digital native’ is generally used to describe people who grew up using digital technology.” But posting job ads seeking “digital natives” may very well violate the [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”