Is Stuttering A Reason Not To Hire Someone?

In Above The Law, I ask in my new article "Is Stuttering A Reason Not To Hire Someone?" "Stuttering is more than just a speech issue ... it may also be an employment issue, since the workplace [...]

Firing Of Pharmacist With Trypanophobia Upheld: He Could Not Perform Essential Job Function

An interesting new case involving a pharmacist with trypanophobia is in the news today. Seems that the federal appeals court in NYC was faced with an appeal by a major pharmacy chain from a whopping verdict [...]

I Cannot Work On The Sabbath!

This post could have been written last year – in fact, it was (almost)! Change the venue from North Carolina to South Carolina, and the religion from Seventh-day Adventist to Hebrew Pentecostal and the facts [...]

Bullying And Discrimination Against Redheads: A Reader Comments

My post the other day linked to my Above The Law article about bosses who bully – and bully their best people!   I concluded with a short comment about the historic bullying and discrimination (and worse) [...]

Workplace Bullies: They Do It Because You Are A Threat To Them

I discuss workplace bullies in my latest Above The Law article, Why Do Bully Bosses Bully Their Stars – And Redheads? It begins: “Where do workplace bullies come from? Simple – from bully kids. “What [...]

Settlement Of Another Pregnancy Discrimination Case

The EEOC just settled a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against a Minnesota-based gym company in Maryland for $86,000. The claim? It was alleged that a pregnant woman applied for a job at the company and after [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”