If You Were A Health Provider Named “Mercy” or “Dignity” Would You Discriminate Against A Blind Employee And One With MS?

Unless you read this blog, you would think that “you can’t make this stuff up!” Readers: you know better. How long have I been flogging health care providers with the notion that the EEOC finds [...]

Church Tells Older Parishioners To “Stay Away”

Yep, you read that correctly: “A struggling Minnesota church is asking its older parishioners to leave in hopes of making it more attractive to young families.” Huh? I guess this place believes that older people [...]

“Stay Home and Bake Cookies!”

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Being female in a traditionally dominated male workplace can be tough. Several industries such as fire and police departments, automative services, and construction crews have long contained skewed gender ratios. Including [...]

No “N-Word,” But A Noose: Brevity Is The Soul Of Witlessness

Two racial harassment cases were just settled by the EEOC and the only thing of real note to me is that the N-word apparently was not used.  This is an exception in these cases, of course. [...]

“Ethical Veganism” Declared Covered By Employment Anti-Discrimination Law!

Well, not in the US.  At least, not yet. Progress, as many believe, might be measured by who gets protected in the workplace under the anti-discrimination laws, such as (without limitation), Title VII, the ADA or [...]

Are BigLaw(yers) “Born To Run?”

Apologies to the Boss, but BigLaw lawyers were not born to run. . .  they had to be trained – long and hard: --- to run the gauntlet of constant testing, competition, prep classes, more testing, no [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”