Trickle Down Sexual Harassment: Once Again

In May I wrote "From The Sexual Harassment Frontlines" that: “I have always advised that, along with proper training, a top-down culture of zero tolerance is important.  It is a significant key to keeping the workplace free [...]

HOTBEDS of Sexual Harassment

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Where might one find veritable hotbeds of sexual harassment? Not a bar or restaurant.   Not a hotel.   Not college campuses.   Not just at Fox News (wink). Hint:   USA Today reports [...]

102-Year Old Worker Fired “For His Own Good”

I just read a somewhat disturbing article out of Australia.  Folks in the US – pretend that this happened here. Apparently a Perth University scientist whose career has spanned 70 years, 5 continents, and 130 [...]

Sexual Harassment Or “Just A Bit Of Banter”?

I read an interesting piece in the UK’s Personnel Today about the perils of seemingly innocent (or not) “sexual banter:” “How many times have we heard sexual harassment in the workplace dismissed as ‘just a [...]

Stop the Stigma, and Repeat After Me: “I have a disability and these are the accommodations I need”

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck As Rosemarie Garland Thomson wrote in the NYT this Sunday, “this is a claim to inclusion and right to access resources.” You’ve heard me say this before (like, here), that one in [...]

What Is An “Old Person Job?”

An "old person job?"   Never heard this term in employment discrimination. But wait. "Old person jobs" are “a mix of high-skill service work (like managers, sales supervisors and accountants) and low-skill service work (like truck drivers, [...]